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Getting Started

Welcome to Core Framework's powerful toolkit for a visual management and configuration of our (or your) CSS framework. If you're new here, you're on the perfect page to start! Let's dive in.
Getting started with Core Framework platform is straightforward and easy. You have to create a free account to get access to your very own dashboard.
If you don't have an account yet, create a free one here.
After you sign up either with your email or via Google, you will get immediate access to the dashboard where you can readily access the standalone web app, and/or download the plugin for WordPress.

1. Standalone web app

Our standalone web app can be accessed at any time from the dashboard after you login.
Just click the link at top right corner to open Core Framework web app, and you can create your first project and start customizing the framework right away.

2. WordPress plugin

If you're using WordPress, you can download our plugin at any time after you log in to your account.
Install our plugin to your WordPress site the usual way.
  • Download the zip file of Core Framework plugin
  • Go to the admin dashboard of your WordPress site
  • Navigate to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload
  • After successful installation of the plugin, you can open Core Framework from the side menu
No license key required to use the plugin! 🎉
Last modified 4mo ago