💁🏼‍♂️ Target Audience

Core Framework is designed for a diverse range of users in the web development industries. People of all skill levels can and should use Core Framework!

Its primary audience includes both web developers and web designers of all proficiency levels who seek an efficient tool to enhance website aesthetics and functionality. With its sleek UI and easy-to-use features, Core Framework is not at all overwhelming and easy to use.

At the same time, Core Framework has zero limits; you can add any CSS properties as you wish, meaning it is also appropriate for more advanced developers.

Users Building Websites from Scratch

Core Framework takes in all of your preferences regarding colors, sizes, spacing, plus more, and outputs the CSS for you. Since this CSS can be downloaded (minified versions are also available), then Core Framework means it is suitable for people building websites on any platform!

WordPress Users

It is also ideal for WordPress users as Core Framework is available as a plugin on the WordPress repository, particularly those utilizing builders such as Oxygen Builder, Bricks Builder, and Gutenberg, who need a robust solution for managing CSS with ease.

Additionally, freelancers and agencies that require a scalable, user-friendly platform to deliver customized websites will find Core Framework particularly useful.

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