At Core Framework, we offer integration addons for specific builders to make developing much more efficient. Click the cards below to learn more about the individual addons we offer.

The integration addons add extra features to the respective builders to make developing quicker. For example, the builders will import all colors, classes and variables directly from Core Framework so that they are constantly synchronized.

You will no longer need to type out the full class names or variable names, as the integration addons also allow not only for auto-suggestions, but also a unique variable UI.


  • Variable UI - Select variables from the visual UI that can be accessed by right-clicking on the input.

  • Variable auto-suggestion - Custom variables are automatically suggested in custom auto-suggestion dropdowns. Sorted by relevance.

  • Sync classes with Oxygen Builder and Bricks Builder native auto-suggest fields.

  • Preview classes and variables by hovering over them.

  • Preview dark mode by toggling the switch.

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