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Editing breakpoints could not be any more simple! We have made it super easy to add/edit classes and variables on literally any breakpoint, all within a few easy clicks!
When you are editing on any breakpoint, the editing window will have a green border to indicate that you are indeed editing on a breakpoint and not editing on "All Breakpoints".
Editing on a breakpoint will turn the editing window green for easy

Adding New Breakpoints

To add a new breakpoint of your choice, simply click on the "Add new media query" button. This will bring up a mini modal where you can select your min-width and max-width values:
Creating a New Media Query

Adding Classes to Breakpoints

You will notice that each tab will be empty by default. Simply navigate through each tab to add classes/selectors along with their properties and values, and these will be applied to the break point you're currently on. Simple!
Then once again, go through the tabs to add your necessary classes along with their properties and values for your specific breakpoints.