Remote Import

By utilizing our remote import feature, you can create a public URL and share your project with anyone. A recipient can preview the framework in read-only mode, or clone it to their projects.

Remote import was added in version 1.1.0

Remote import is a fantastic feature, to create fileless import using a single link, which is always up to date with the original source. You can share the project with your teammates, to use it as a starter project in your team work flow. Any member of your team can now reuse the project and have an access to any changes made to the original.

If you're a seller of design kits, this feature will also come in handy as your customers can always access the latest version of the project without you having to mess with multiple files.

How to create a shareable project for a remote import

In order to share your project using a public link,

  1. Make sure you're logged in to your account and go to the web app

  2. You will see a list of your projects or you can create a new one

  3. Click the icon in bottom left part of your project, to make it shareable

  1. The modal will open, where you can set your project to be publicly shareable. Copy the link to clipboard.

Now, your project is ready to be shared. Once you share it with someone, they can go directly to the URL and choose whether they want to preview your framework or clone it to their project.

You can also use the link the import the project into any instance of Core Framework, whether it is in your web account, or a WordPress plugin.

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