Common Problems

Here we will try to address some common problems that our users have faced with Core Framework.

If you've recently migrated the site and have permalinks set to "Post Name", we recommend re-saving the settings and then checking to see if the issue remains.

Unsuccessful update

If the plugin update fails, please deactivate the Core Framework plugin and activate it again, then proceed with the update. If the error persists, please contact support.

Failed to get preset from database.

In the WordPress plugin version, you may get the above error message. In this case, please navigate to your WordPress dashboard, and go to Settings -> Permalinks. In here, please try changing your permalink structure to anything other than "Plain".

Gutenberg "No results found".

In the Gutenberg editor, we have had some reports of users not being able to make use of the Core Framework widget. Classes are not being recognised and the search feature shows "no results found".

Please make sure the Gutenberg addon is enabled in the Core Framework plugin (in the Addons tab) and then refresh the Gutenberg editor.

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