Buying Products

The Marketplace provides a centralized platform for users to explore and purchase a variety of web design products such as website kits as well as our very own integration addons.


The Core Framework Marketplace serves as a hub for purchasing high-quality design products that are compatible with various web builders. This guide will walk you through the process of navigating the marketplace, selecting products, and completing your purchase securely.

  1. Accessing the Marketplace: Start by logging into your Core Framework account and navigating to the Marketplace.

  2. Browsing Products: We offer addons & integrations for Oxygen Builder, Bricks Builder and Gutenberg, as well as UI Kits & Templates which you can use to quickly develop a baseline website for yourself or your clients.

Selecting Products

  1. Product Details: Click on any product to view detailed information, including full descriptions, compatibility details and pricing.

  2. Bundles: We offer some bundle products on our UI Kits & Templates when using with multiple builders, which will be offered cheaper than buying them separately.

Purchasing Process

  1. Buy Now: Once you decide on a product, simply click on 'Buy Now' which will automatically take you to the checkout page.

  2. Checkout: Review your product and enter a promotional code. Please note that we only offer promotional codes under special circumstances and these are not given out commonly.

Please note that we only accept card payments at this time.

  1. Payment Method: Enter your payment information in the right-hand column.

  2. Order Confirmation: After payment, you will receive an order confirmation via email along with a download link (if applicable).

After Purchase

  1. Downloading and Installation: For downloadable products, follow the provided instructions from the email that you will receive to download and install them.

  2. Getting Support: If you encounter any issues, each product comes with support optionsβ€”either from the Core Framework team or directly from the product developers.

Tips for a Smooth Transaction

  • Check Compatibility: Ensure the product is compatible with your current website setup.

  • Stay Informed: Subscribe to updates for any purchased products to receive notifications about updates or new features.


The Marketplace in the Core Framework is designed to be user-friendly, providing all the tools needed to enhance your web development projects. By following these steps, you can effectively utilize the Marketplace to expand the capabilities of your websites and applications.

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