OxyNinja Icons

Due to popular demand, we have decided to offer the classic icons which were shipped with both the original Core and WooCore kits (originally available through OxyNinja) to our documentation.


Please note, since these icons were originally available for OxyNinja, the icons here as a library can be imported to Oxygen Builder. We have included the separate SVGs below.

Core Icons (SVG Set)

WooCore Icons (SVG Set)

Importing SVG Set to Oxygen

  1. Unzip the files on your machine.

  2. In WordPress, navigate to Oxygen > Settings

  1. Next, navigate to the SVG Sets tab, enter an appropriate name for your SVG set (Core or WooCore), click browse to find the respective symbol-defs.svg file, and click on Import SVG Set.

  1. Now, when choosing an icon from the Oxygen Builder, you should see that the SVG libraries are now available.

SVG (Individual Files)

We are also providing the SVGs as individual files, enabling Bricks users to utilize the icons efficiently. This approach conserves resources, as you can include these files directly as code blocks. Simply copy the markup from each SVG file in the .zip archive and insert them as code blocks in Bricks or Oxygen.

Core Icons (Individual)

WooCore Icons (Individual)

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