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The Core Framework marketplace is the heart of our ecosystem, where you can shop addons, Ul kits, and templates not only from the Core Framework team but also from third-party authors.
The platform for authors was just launched and is currently in BETA. This page will be soon updated with more details.

How to buy a product in the Core Framework marketplace

Head over to the marketplace right away and check what we have to offer. In the marketplace, you can find addons and integrations officially made by the Core Framework team and UI kits / templates both by us and by third-party authors. Anybody can become an author in the Core Framework marketplace now!

How to become an author on Core Framework's marketplace

Our marketplace allows users to sell their design work through our website.
​Create your account or log in to your account and head over to the new "Author Area" link in your dashboard. Before you do so, make sure to check out the author's guidelines: